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Tuesday Evening House of Pain Ride
5:15PM warm up, or regular start at 5:45PM at the Farmington train station Park-N-Ride.

Tuesday Evening House of FUN Ride
5:30PM @ Centerville Target, FUN pace, FUN distance, intended for those who enjoy a slower pace in life.

Wednesday Evening Tempo Ride - Spirited at times
5:30PM South side of Centerville Target.
Ride goes wherever the group decides.

Thursday Evening no-drop Intermendiate Ride (~18 mph)
5:30PM South side of Centerville Target

or contact ride coordinator and join enroute.

Regular Saturday Morning Ride - Long Ride
March – April: 9AM,   May: 8AM, June: 7AM, July - Aug: 6:00AM,  Sept: 8AM, Oct: 9AM. Most rides will start at the Centerville Target. At least once a month the ride will start an a alternate location that will require some transport.

Alternative Saturday Morning Ride - Short Ride
March – April: 9AM,   May: 8AM, June: 7AM, July - Aug: 6:30AM,  Sept: 8AM, Oct: 9AM @ Centerville Target.
Then wherever the group decides.
This ride is intended for club members who do not want to ride as fast or as far as the regular Saturday morning ride.

Last updated July. 2, 2015

Weekly Club Rides

Tuesday "House of Pain" Ride
This is a very fast-paced group ride with average speeds of 21-24+.  This is a Drop Ride with little or no re-grouping.
5:15PM at the Farmington tain station parking lot for warm up and full ride at 5:45.
Ride coordinator: Dan Kadrmas: 853-5655

Tuesday "House of Fun " Ride
5:30PM South side of Target in Centerville. This is a slower paced ride of about 20 miles targeted to those who want a slower ride and new cyclists who want to learn how to ride in a group. Ride coordinator:
Larry Peterson 683-7443

Wednesday "Tempo" Ride
Fast-paced group ride.  This is a combination ride:  the first half of the ride will be a fast-paced No-Drop group ride (speeds 18-25 mph).  The second half of the ride will be a drop ride with no speed limit and little or no re-grouping.  The ride leader will set expectations for when the ride will switch from a No-Drop to a Drop ride.  Approximately 35-55 miles. 5:30PM South side of Target in Centerville
Ride may not go through Kaysville
Ride coordinators: Allan Johnson 671-8816
and Darcie Strong 815-4847

Thursday "No-Drop, intermediate" Ride
Relaxed Pace Social Ride:  This is a No-Drop group ride designed to be a social ride (meaning that people can actually talk to each other while pedaling).  Max speed is 18 mph, approximately 30-40 miles. 5:30PM South side of Target in Centerville.
Ride coordinator:

Saturday Morning Rides
March – April: 9AM,   May: 8AM, June: 7AM, July - Aug: 6:30AM,  Sept: 8AM, Oct: 9AM
Leaves from Target in Centerville at above times,

Then off to wherever the group decides
Endurance ride, 3-4hrs, pace fast at times
Ride coordinators will very by week. Some rides will NOT start at Target. Watch for FaceBook updates on locations.

A slower paced (~18 MPH) shorter ride (40-60 miles) also leaves Target Saturday mornings. The route is set by those on the ride.



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