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2010 BearPa Challenge

2009 Alpine Loop Video

2009 Promontory Point

2009 Salt Lake Marathon

2009 Tour of Calif Photos

2008 Larry's Slot Canyon in Zion
(hiking, not biking—believe that?)

2008 Larry's Rides in Scotland

2008 HCI Ride from Reno

ToCA 2008 Club Photos

ToCA 2008 Teams

ToCA 2008 Time Trial


Larry Peterson at the TdF

St. Geroge 2007 - Gary's Pics

Fazoli's West Valley - Carl's Pics

Ouch - what happens when you ride 3hrs in the rain without a rain jacket :-)

California 2007 - Rick's Pics

California 2007 - Dan's Pics

California 2007 - Gary's Pics

10FEB2007 Saturday morning ranch ride

Ride With A Cancer Survivor






Bountiful Bike