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Tuesday Evening House of Pain Ride
5:15PM warm up, or regular start at 5:45PM at the Farmington train station Park-N-Ride.

Wednesday Evening Tempo Ride - Spirited at times
5:30PM South side of Centerville Target.
Ride goes wherever the group decides.

Thursday Evening no-drop Intermendiate Ride (~18 mph)
5:30PM South side of Centerville Target

or contact ride coordinator and join enroute.

Regular Saturday Morning Ride - Long Ride
March – April: 9AM,   May: 8AM, June: 7AM, July - Aug: 7:00AM,  Sept: 8AM, Oct: 9AM. Most rides will start at the Centerville Target. At least once a month the ride will start an a alternate location that will require some transport.

Alternative Saturday Morning Ride - Short Ride
March – April: 9AM,   May: 8AM, June: 7AM, July - Aug: 7:00AM,  Sept: 8AM, Oct: 9AM @ Centerville Target.
Then wherever the group decides.
This ride is intended for club members who do not want to ride as fast or as far as the regular Saturday morning ride.

Last updated Aug 5, 2015


Want to become a member?
You can join the Bountiful Mazda Cycling club at the Bountiful Bike shop in Bountiful. Annual membership dues are $30 per calendar year.  Non-club members are welcome to join any of the club rides but will be asked to sign a liability waiver form and join the club if they want to ride with the group on a regular basis The club kit for 2015-16 is shown at the left.

  • Membership benefits include:
  • Several group rides every week . We have a ride for every ability level from elite racers to beginning cyclists.
  • Special club rides during the year
  • Club discount on registration to Cache Valley Century
  • Summer Pool Party for club members & families
  • Post LOTOJA club dinner in Teton Village
  • Holiday/New Year kick-off party
  • Great friendships and camaraderie
  • Ability to purchase club kits at cost.  We do a main kit order once per year and then a smaller order later in the year if we have people join after the main order.  Check with the shop on what clothing is available.
  • Club discount at Bountiful Bicycle Center

Any question or for more information contact Darcie Storog or Larry Peterson <info@bmbbc.com> or talk to anyone at the shop.





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