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Tuesday Evening House of Pain Ride
5:15PM warm up, or regular start at 5:45PM at the Farmington train station Park-N-Ride.

Tuesday Evening House of FUN Ride
5:30PM @ Centerville Target, FUN pace, FUN distance, intended for those who enjoy a slower pace in life.

Wednesday Evening Tempo Ride - Spirited at times
5:30PM South side of Centerville Target.
Ride goes wherever the group decides.

Thursday Evening no-drop Intermendiate Ride (~18 mph)
5:30PM South side of Centerville Target

or contact ride coordinator and join enroute.

Regular Saturday Morning Ride - Long Ride
March – April: 9AM,   May: 8AM, June: 7AM, July - Aug: 6:30AM,  Sept: 8AM, Oct: 9AM. Most rides will start at the Centerville Target. At least once a month the ride will start an a alternate location that will require some transport.

Alternative Saturday Morning Ride - Short Ride
March – April: 9AM,   May: 8AM, June: 7AM, July - Aug: 6:30AM,  Sept: 8AM, Oct: 9AM @ Centerville Target.
Then wherever the group decides.
This ride is intended for club members who do not want to ride as fast or as far as the regular Saturday morning ride.

Last updated March. 20, 2015



The Bountiful Mazda Cycling Club provides social, training, and competitive riding for bicyclists in Davis County, UT and the surrounding areas. The club offers group training andsocial rides for cyclists of all abilities, organized events throughout the year, and we participate in several regional rides and races, culminating with LOTOJA every fall. The Club also has close ties with our sister team, the Bountiful Mazda Racing Team, offering a great route for members to explore the Utah racing scene and get involved in UCA events. Check out our membership page for more info and how to join.

Growing from a "house-of-pain, you'll-never-drop-me" core of head-to-head road bikers in the mid-90s, the BMBB Cycling Club has grown into a diverse group of both social and racing enthusiasts of road and mountain biking. Currently, we have about 100 members and offer several weekly rides as well as severaloff-season training opportunities. The Club also provides many opportunities and events to raise money for local causes and charities. Our main focus is to provide opportunities for individuals to ride in a club environment and enjoy club social events. Stop by Bountiful Bicycle Center to get to know one of our sponsors and talk to the staff about our club and cycling in the Davis County area.

Special Events or Rides

April 11"Away" ride will start at 9AM from Jeremy Ranch (by the Park City Outlet mall)

April 18 Salt Lake City Marathon Bike Valet - shifts at 6AM and 9AM.

May 2 Antelope Island Classic Road Race sponsored by the club.

May 9 "Away" ride will be our annual Promontory Point Century ride. Meet in Brigham City at 9AM.












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